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Our Story......and we're sticking to it!

Identity Crisis, IDC, was formed in early 2004 by Chip Entz, Ross Elkins and Bryan Wallace. Soon thereafter, Tina Allen joined the group and the dream of creating a fan-driven, interactive classic rock experience began to take shape. The group was made whole by with the addition of former Bionic Appendage members Tom Russell and Mark Beattie.

Our fun approach to live music quickly established us as one of the freshest new bands in the West Houston area. Our first gig at Al's Bar in November 2004 was to a packed house and the band has continued to draw a strong following to clubs ever since.


In 2005, Tina decided to part ways with Identity Crisis in order to pursue her dream of starting a country band and the group was reduced to five. We pressed forward focussing on playing a wide variety of unique classic rock songs. From the 70’s rock scene to today’s alternative rock offerings – Identity Crisis continues to cover a broad landscape of great rock music that you can dance to and we continously add new material all the time, including some originals.


After three great years, Bryan Wallace retired from Identity Crisis in November 2007 to spend more time with his family. While losing a founding member and a close friend was a huge blow to the group, we rebounded and added the very talented Gregg Watts to fill the void left by Bryan’s departure. Gregg happens to be Tom's cousin and he made his IDC debut in December 2007.


Gregg jumped right in and brought a new energy to the band. His outgoing personality was a great fit for the band. However, after a great year and half, the regular commutes to Katy from Kingwood for regular gigs and
rehearsals became just too much for him. Sadly, we amicably parted company but remain good friends with him still today.

The remaining four members were at a crossroads of sorts. We knew the challenge of finding a rhythm guitarist/lead vocalist to fill Gregg’s shoes would be quite daunting. After auditioning many prospects without
success, we decided to forge ahead as a 4-piece band in order to keep things going until we could perhaps identify the perfect match for us. After several gigs, we began to grow steadily in our confidence as a band
and had all but stopped an active search process.


As luck would have it, long time friend of Tom's, Albert Castle suddenly became available in December 2009 when his band at the time, Gypsy Train, broke up. Albert fit right in and already knew many songs on the IDC playlist, so before long, we were back gigging again as a five piece. His guitar prowess has allowed us to take on more complex material and broadened our musical horizons as a group.


Sadly, in December of 2010 Tom Russell made the tough decision to retire from IDC. A devastating blow to the band, since Tom had been with us from near the beginning and did so much more for the band than
just play bass, we felt it would be very difficult to replace him.

However, it was yet another acquaintance of Tom's that found himself following in his shoes (or bare feet sometimes!). Johnny Bravo went to high school with Tom and also happened to be the bass player with Albert's old band Gypsy Train.

We lucked out again, and Johhny is a perfect fit for IDC. Learning our large playlist in very short time, we value is musicianship as much as we value how well he fits into the personality of the band. His first gig with us was in March 2011.


In August 2017, Johnny decide to retire from the band as he moved to the coast to enjoy his retirement from full work also. As a long time member of the band, this was another major blow to us as we lost an excellent bass player and a good friend. So the search began again to find a replacement. That replacement came in the form of Dray Holeman, an all-round musician who runs Katy Rocks, a non-profit organization helping under-priviledges children play music. Dray's musical pedigree meant we could transition quickly and get back to gigging. Dray completes the current line-up of Identity Crisis.


Along the way, IDC has been blessed to have several great friends and fans voluteer to help us out.

Special thanks must go to those who have helped run sound and lights for us. Chuck Kuznicki ran sound in IDC's early years, and was followed by Marks' wife Liz Beattie who ran sound and lights until 2010. That's when our current sound and light man, Eric Beane, joined us. Eric has worked on sound and light for such famous acts as Bon Jovi, Hall and Oats- and even Geotge Carlin! We are very fortunate to have such a dedicated person help us out.


Identity Crisis only plays one public gig a month. This allows us to keep our performances from becoming passé. For us, playing music is strictly a hobby – albeit a serious one. Our number one priority is to our fans. When they have fun, we have fun.

Please join us sometime for a great night of music, dancing and letting your hair down.

You’ll be glad you did!

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